Capital Campaign

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Sisters, Oregon. There are big reasons to love this small town. It’s a community treasured not only for endless outdoor opportunities but for a vibrant creative culture. For two decades, Sisters Folk Festival has built a national reputation for Sisters as a community where the arts are valued, celebrated and accessible to everyone. Connected by Creativity means taking the region to new levels of excellence, through strategic investment in a permanent facility and a programming vision for Sisters Folk Festival. The Connected by Creativity campaign builds on a remarkable history of success to create a future of special opportunity in an extraordinary and uniquely Oregonian place.

  • Promoting Lifelong Learning
    Encouraging learning and personal growth for a multi-generational audience through enhanced programming, such as afternoon/after-school programs, youth and adult music education and instrument lessons, Americana roots music presentations and resources, SFF media/recording center, podcasting, and jam sessions for advancing students.
  • Building a Vibrant Community
    Making a great region to live in, powered by a creative spirit, and bringing people together through a shared love of music and arts, fostering engagement with people from a broader spectrum and diversity through engaging community events, such as concert performances, songwriting camps and classes, dance and theatre, film screenings, art gallery shows, receptions, literary presentations and more.
  • Stimulating the Regional Economy
    Drawing local, national and even international visitors to exceptional music events; giving Sisters a large reputation as a small town with a vibrant music and arts culture by creating opportunities for greater community collaboration and partnerships with other arts organizations, local merchants, non-profits, parks and recreation, artists, residents, restaurant and lodging entities that provide additional business year- round and more.

The Details

Baseline investment to purchase property and improve existing structure: $900,000

Purchase Property

  • Building value approximately $1 million. Generously offered by Kathy & Frank Deggendorfer at $500,000 if purchased by June 2019
  • 8,000 s.f. existing structure, built in 1991, good condition
  • Cost of $62.50 per s.f.
  • .88 acre parcel

Improve Existing Structure

  • $250K Improvements & Upgrades

Phase Two – Develop Options for New Multi-Use Venue on Property

Exploratory design option approximately $2.1 million additional investment; Timeline 2020-2023
Options include:
  • Construct approximately 7,300 s.f. structure on existing property to serve as a mid-size, year-round performance and community events facility
  • Develop full capacity of site to serve as a center for music and the arts

Sustainability Plan and Program Vision

Ownership will immediately increase the stability of Sisters Folk Festival and will open opportunities to increase community programming impact. A portion of net income will be allocated annually to a Building Fund for future repairs and upgrades. The remainder can be reinvested in program development and reserve funds for stabilization.

Program Development Vision

Sisters Folk Festival has succeeded by developing a blend of programming that is self-sustaining through a combination of ticket sales, donations, sponsorships and event proceeds. While the new building will create opportunity to grow, the organization can stick with a trusted formula of sustainable growth. Foundation grants will continue to play a role in launching new programs that may take a few years to stabilize.
Owning the building will allow the opportunity to explore the following program priorities:
  • Annual music education event to draw artists and participants to Sisters each spring.
  • Add community music/arts events to the annual calendar, both in Sisters and in diverse Central Oregon communities.
  • Provide and promote gathering space for multi-disciplinary music/art gatherings, such as drumming circles, ukulele club, quilting and other crafts.
  • Multi-generational workshops, lectures and classes.