Americana Song Academy

September 3 – 6, 2019

Americana Song Academy registration fee is $575
Tamarack Hall lodging (limited to 10 rooms) is an additional $400
Starting in 2019, there will be a $25 camping fee for anyone not staying in Tamarack Hall.

Registration Opens December 3, 2018

Click here for general Song Camp, wait list and refund information

“The Americana Song Academy brought me back to life, artistically… it rekindled the fire I had been looking for for a long time
 Catie Curtis, touring professional singer-songwriter

 The Americana Song Academy inspires people to believe in their creativity and helps develop a community that supports that pursuit.

  • Artists performing at the Sisters Folk Festival arrive 4 days early to teach all aspects of music, songwriting, performance and singing.
  • Participants deeply engage and nurture their music, songs, and aspirations. Private concerts, open mics and mentor sessions are all part of the experience.
  • The musical alchemy of the festival artists from “Song Camp” helps inspire collaborations and exceptional performances at the festival each year.
  • Campers participate in workshops, communal meals and activities at the performing arts camp “Caldera”, a stunning location on the edge of Blue Lake, high in the Cascade Mountains.
  • With an extraordinary caterer, a beautiful and powerful location, and a unique, intimate experience, the event continues to be highly anticipated and sells out each year.

An Intensely Creative Experience

What the campers say…

“I love the class-less, age-less equality of this Tribe!”

“Absolutely wonderful — What a fantastic community of talent and generous hearts to get to be part of.”

“Magic! Only way to describe it. ”

“I’ve been here 5 or 6 times — This was the BEST!!! …I’ll be back!”

“It’s like coming home — every year.”

“I was very inspired. It’s quite emotional and inspirational, so much energy. The staff is great dealing with all of it and creating all of it. Thank you.”

“So many styles of musicians… fun to mingle, mix and jam.”

“It will take me a whole year to recover and assimilate”

“I have learned more in the past two days than I have in all the past workshops I have ever attended.”